In Communities of Hope, we believe that the Lord transforms landscapes and lives. We care about human rights, water and sanitation access, food security, education, health, agriculture, economics.

The poetry of Isaiah 41:17-20 is powerful and energizing for us, a picture of the Lord taking barren land and bringing irrigation and vegetation, multiple water sources and a variety of trees. God brings abundance into the wilderness, transforming the land into a safe and fertile place. Nothing is impossible for the Lord. 


To advocate for integrated community development and to promote dialogue and coordination between community development stakeholders in order to reinforce the impact of their actions.


To attain the establishment of communities and societies engaged in sustainable ways of living and development creating thereby an environment conducive to fair and dignified living conditions for anyone.

  • Empowerment

    To believe in people, in their abilities and capacities. To believe that they have and are the solution.

  • Sustainability

    To lead actions which aims to ensure community self-sufficiency while ensuring the preservation of the environmental balance and the guarantee of social equity.

  • Partnership

    To establish relations based on exchange and friendship, each bringing the contribution he can (know-how, expertise, experience workforce, financial ressources).

  • Innovation

    To always look for creative projects and efficient solutions in order to optimize the resources that are at disposal.

  • Transparency

    To make special emphasis on mutual trust, giving partners a total and permanent access to the information and data projects.

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