En Route

What an amazing time together with our Batwa friends! I don’t think any of us (Texan or Batwa) will ever be the same! Claude and I want to let you […]

Days Four & Five Up-country…

We’ve been up-country visiting our Batwa friends in their homes… Day FourClaude & Kelley hosted everyone for lunch at their home. Robert & Myra greeted their friend, Sandrine, at Mikike […]

A Glimpse of Day Three

Here are some snapshots from our third day in Bujumbura with the Batwa… More blessings with our Batwa friends.Teaching friends how to take some pictures… always fun!We played together in […]

A Glimpse at Day Two

A few snapshots from Day Two…We are growing close… touch communicates that truth.The Batwa Blessing is offered… to the Batwa friends!As our caravan of jeeps entered the village of Bubanza, […]

Images from Day One!

Here are some snapshots from day one…Greetings began as soon as the Texans and Batwa saw one another!And singing started just as fast!The Batwa women came dressed in their traditional […]

Crossing Over to Matara

June 1st was an exciting day for Community For Burundi and their Batwa friends… it was the day that the relocation of 30 families began! The morning began with more […]