Keeping Busy

Our friends in Matara are keeping busy these days. Let me just show a bit of what they’ve been up to in the past couple of weeks…The land receives good […]

Jana Kincer shares…

The very first day in Burundi, the very first meeting, the very first friend…I want to tell you my story. I was a little bit anxious. I am a very […]

Johnie Jones III shares…

My story is very brief. Before coming to Burundi I didn’t really value relationships. I was all about what i could “get” or what someone could “give” me. And after […]

Saying Farewell

Saturday night the students invited us to their home one last time. This was their final night of the school year, and they wanted to commemorate the occasion together. The […]

Promised Land

We read the Old Testament and read the stories of the Israelites. They fled the slavery of Egypt and harsh quotas of Pharaoh, the wandered in the desert for 40 […]