Matara Community

Matara Student Update

We thought we would share a quick update on the progress of the students of Matara. You might recall that 28 months ago these students started a new school, a […]

Forecasting the Future

This week our friends in Matara are engaged in some forecasting. They are not searching the skies for stars to predict weather patterns. Nor are they seeking out a local […]

Leading in Education

Most all the school-age children of Matara attend the elementary school just across the street from the village. This is really the first school experience for many of the children, […]

Bahuta – foe turned friend Bahuta was there the day the Batwa men moved onto the land of Matara. He was not there to offer a word of welcome, but […]

A Changed Man

Among the families that arrived to Matara in June of 2009 was Nestor. He was invited to join the newly forming community that would involve hard work, collaboration and faith […]

In Their Own Words

“No one died this year,” is how Francois described the goodness of the first full year in Matara. Every other year, the calendar is marked by deaths. Everyone cannot make […]

God, cosmos and Matara

God created – land, trees, streams and soil. He took great pleasure in the activity of creating and with each new marvel; He declared it ‘good!’ I think we often […]

Election Update

Yesterday’s election, the first round of five, went off without a hitch. There was record turn out, with long lines everywhere brimming with people eager to participate in the selection […]

Leadership and Elections

Wangari Maathai is a Kenyan biologist, environmentalist, activist and winner of the 2004 Nobel Peace Price. In her most recent work, The Challenge for Africa, she writes: “The exercise of […]

Another friend

Another friend visited Matara this week. Brian was with Mark, Sarah, David and Sydneyanne on that first visit to Bubanza to meet some of our Batwa friends. He shared in […]

Birth Announcement

There is a new addition to Matara…a baby girl named Irankunda. Her name means ‘God loves me’ and the chosen name reflects her parents’ knowledge that their daughter is cherished […]

New Normal

Well, it is a long overdue update, I realize. But I am happy to report that life is happening at a good pace and there is a routine developing in […]

A Celebration

We joined our friend in Matara yesterday to celebrate together. We gathered in a makeshift meeting room, covered with blue tarps and fragrant with eucalyptus from the fresh branches woven […]

Christmas Eve Update

Merry Christmas from Burundi! All the students have now returned home for the holiday break and are celebrating Christmas with their families and villages. The families at Matara will celebrate […]

First Harvest, Second baby!

Last week the Batwa families in Matara had their first harvest… potatoes! Men and women helped with the harvesting work, and you can see by the smiles that they are […]

Training Day

It is Training Day in Matara – Micro-finance training, that is. This week a well-respected micro-finance trainer from the region is on site and teaching our families about the principles […]

Quick update

It has been awhile since I’ve posted a story or photos. So I guess it is time for a quick update! Matara Things are going well in Matara these days. […]

School Days

Matara was bustling with activity this week as children donned new uniforms and transformed into students. A short walk from the village and they will be sitting in their new […]

It’s a Girl!

The first child born in Matara is a sweet baby girl! She was born on August 24th, and this picture was taken of her when she was a mere 4 […]

Fields of Green

In less than three months, the Batwa families have made Matara their home. In less than three months they have built homes, constructed the bulk of 15 latrines, relocated their […]


It rained in Matara this week. This is the first rain since the families moved onto the land, the first rain that found them with weather-proof homes to retreat to […]

Keeping Busy

Our friends in Matara are keeping busy these days. Let me just show a bit of what they’ve been up to in the past couple of weeks…The land receives good […]

Promised Land

We read the Old Testament and read the stories of the Israelites. They fled the slavery of Egypt and harsh quotas of Pharaoh, the wandered in the desert for 40 […]

Crossing Over to Matara

June 1st was an exciting day for Community For Burundi and their Batwa friends… it was the day that the relocation of 30 families began! The morning began with more […]

Progress here and there

As we have been here working alongside the Batwa, we are progressing day by day on the community development project. We have recently been learning more about the families that […]

Matara, at last!

Today we drove up winding roads, rounding narrow corners and passing clusters of houses nestled along the roadside. We were headed toward Matara, the land purchased for the Batwa community […]

Land, families and a plan

It has taken four months to conduct the sustainability study, two months of land negotiations with the owner and two weeks of paper work to secure the title transfer… but […]