student education project

Saying Farewell

Saturday night the students invited us to their home one last time. This was their final night of the school year, and they wanted to commemorate the occasion together. The […]

Collective Voice

Last week I had the opportunity to read all the Batwa student profiles in one sitting. It was such an illustrative exercise, hearing their collective voice as they journey together […]

Dancing for Joy

Oscar comes from a large family of seven children. Both of his parents are still living, but they do not have regular work. This is a familiar plight for Batwa […]

Gaston’s Gratitude

With an outgoing personality, Gaston easily makes friends with his fellow students and eagerly chats about his life in Bujumbura and the future. He is a musician, a guitarist who […]

Small & Beautiful

Josiane Gahimbare is 15 years old, one of the youngest students in the Community For Burundi household. Her name means ‘a small, beautiful thing,’ and she is rather shy. She […]

Learning English

For over a month now, the students living in the Community for Burundi household have gathered together twice a week around the long tables in their first floor common room […]

Justice for all

The Batwa people face systemic injustice and discrimination. This can be seen in the most-obvious place – the justice system of Burundi. We are learning that often times the Batwa […]


The Batwa live, all too often, in dire conditions. They know what it is to be on the edge, to experience the soul-shredding of destitution. Yet, they demonstrate this deep […]

Graduation in Burundi

By Christy Jones On a Sunday morning in July hundreds of joyful Burundians gathered in the courtyard of a local high school to celebrate its annual graduation ceremony. Unlike attendees […]