Sponsor Hope in 2013!

This year we’re embarking on a community development adventure and we’re hoping you’ll join us!

We’ve begun working with a large community called Bubanza in Burundi. This is a community of 660+ families, an average of 8 people per family, all living in dire conditions. They exist on less than $0.35 per day, lack access to clean water, ample food, jobs or adequate medical care. It feels so hopeless.

But since we began working with these friends in October, we’ve seen God stirring up hope in this dry and dusty place. We’ve now secured identity cards (so citizenship) for all the men and women and are working on the longer process of birth certificates for all the children. Human rights matter and are foundational to the good things to come. We’re building a primary school and thinking about a better pedagogy filled with hope for the kids of Bubanza. We’ve done feasibility studies and found water under that arid land. We’re dreaming big, our sails filled with great hope for Bubanza.

We’re dreaming of a community with wells, trees, jobs, a school, and a clinic. We’re dreaming of a community that is sustainable within 5 years, a community that benefits their neighbors and brings peace. We’re dreaming of an outbreak of HOPE!

So we want to invite you to join in…

  1. 1.    Would your family consider sponsoring Bubanza? Would you invest in this community as they dig wells, build infrastructure, get the school up and running, cultivate crops + businesses + funds to sustain it all long-term?


(1) Would you sponsor a community for $55/month or $660 one-time gift for the year?

(2) Then would you consider inviting 9 of your friends to do the same – sponsor Bubanza?


We’ve created this video to help share the story briefly, we hope you’ll watch, share with friends and maybe even put up on your Facebook page or Tweet about it.

(There are 660+ families in need of partnership – so we need lots of friends to jump in with us!)


We’ve created a website for easy access to stories, more information and the sponsorship form.


You know us, we’ll be sharing stories, pictures and updates along the way so you all see what is unfolding in real time on the ground in Bubanza. We hope some of you can travel to visit Burundi and our friends in Burundi, too! We’re excited to make these connections between your community and the Bubanza community.

We believe when you sponsor a community, you sponsor HOPE!

Thanks for considering this request…let me know if you have any further questions!
Blessings from Bubanza,
Claude & Kelley