Our actions aim for comprehensive community development and the promotion of partnerships with community stakeholders.

We advocate for integrated community development based on years of practical experience in the field. We’ve learned that each project must build on the others and work as a cooperative system to achieve maximum benefit for the community. Coordination between community leaders, families, our staff and community development stakeholders is essential to reach sustainable results and thereby see self-sufficient communities emerge.

The Community Development Puzzle

The importance of integrated community development

Projects such as access to water, health care, education, food security, entrepreneurship can’t be dissociated from one another. They have to be integrated in order to capitalize the impact of each of one.

Each sector has to work in close collaboration to reach the objectives we all pursue: poverty and injustice eradication.


Our model "Integrated and Circular Community Development"

We moved from a linear model to a circular model of development. The core of our paradigm is jubilee economics. Each piece functions as a gear that puts into motion the next set of projects, creating momentum for each community.


We bring together community leaders, community development stakeholders, our staff and mentors to create a learning environment so that we are always growing our collective knowledge.

  • Consolidate and galvanize interaction between the stakeholders.
  • Share and capitalize experiences, expertise and know-how.
  • Stimulate the reflexion on community development key topics.
  • Challenge given ideas and see emerging innovative concepts.
  • Strengthen stakeholders’ capacities.